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The most beautiful day in your life …

It has to be emotionally rich so you can feel full of happiness. You are both ready, this special day, a date that you choose a while ago, has to be magical.

Nothing counts more than the unique relationship that links you … to your guests!

Let our expertise guides you to the meticulous choice of providers, to a precise reading of the contracts.

Amélie and Sabrina, your wedding planner and wedding designer, will guide you from the preparations to the D-Day… Your wedding will be the most beautiful and unforgettable day for you and your guests. 

You are not alone…

Our missions :

  • The creation of your event
  • The search and negociation with the providers
  • The management of the relation with the providers
  • The visits 
  • The creation of the scenography and decoration
  • The management of the budget
  • The different schedules
  • The management of your guests surprises with the DJ
  • The management of the installation and the logistical organisation the D-Day
  • Our presence during the wedding

    But also ….
  • Be with you 24/7 to give you advices, to help you, to give you support.
  • Guide you for the formality
  • Respect all your wishes and your budget
  • … Without forgetting our professionalism, our good mood and our joy of life! 

All that to create a wedding which looks like you, built together! The agency will never command you any providers or any choices, you are the only decision-makers.

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Let our fairy fingers manage the rigor of the planning, the emergencies, the coordination of the evening, full of surprises and much more.

Now, you only have to take the plunge: a simple message… and you will join the clients community of DVV – Wedding Planners!

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